Hi, I'm Joel B Hunter. I'm a Teacher, Writer, Author, and Speaker.

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Dr Joel B Hunter's passion is to instruct and encourage students to reach beyond what they think (or have been told) is their academic ceiling. He started his personal and professional website with the tagline "Online Mentor for Honors Education" because he believes that ANY motivated student can get into AND succeed in an Honors program or college and he knows how to help them do it. As an ELA Subject Matter Expert, Dr Hunter authors, reviews, and maintains dozens of courses in his company's online Humanities curriculum. Glynlyon provides a powerful and flexible LMS - Odysseyware - for a diversity of student needs, from credit recovery to blended learning environments in public schools to a fully accredited online academy. Joel B Hunter also teaches undergraduate Philosophy courses online and in person. His focus is on helping students who are intimidated by having to speak in a class discussion, or who are unsure of how to “get” difficult reading assignments, or who feel lost in the thickets of writing an essay. And because he has been the recipient of mentoring by master teachers, he mentors teachers with simple, practical advice about pedagogy, course design, and professional development.  In a nutshell, Dr Hunter enjoys sharing his knowledge of interdisciplinary education, discussion seminars, and critical thinking to help students and fellow teachers thrive in their academic pursuits. Joel B Hunter is committed to sharing all of his academic and professional work, and making all of his social media presence a place of collaboration, free intellectual property, and exploration.

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Books, Cooking, Singing, Parenting, Homebrewing, Gardening, DIY, Charity